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Why you should choose a Free Dating SiteFree Dating Site

The idea of a Free Dating Site obviously holds great appeal for the tens of thousands of people searching each month on just Google.

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Free dating sites usually have a high membership base simply because they are free. Using a free dating site theoretically means you don’t have to pay much at all to secure yourself a great relationship and potential mate. Remember a free dating site needs to make money somehow so they are usually filled with advertisements, which can increase the page load time as well as being distracting to look at. The trade- off for “free” is your time.

There’s another potential problem with a free dating site – because it is easy for anyone to get an account, the chances are you will come across fake profiles. Because of this it’s important to be alert to these profiles, again you are again trading off “free” for your time and convenience.

Tips for using a Free Dating Site

Here are some are tips to remember when using a free dating site that should help you avoid being scammed.

  • Make sure you only speak to a person who seems to have a legit profile page.
  • When chatting to people on these sites don’t give away any personal details – that includes information you enter on your profile page and as well as information you enter into other areas of the free dating site itself.

 Most paid-for dating sites do their best to ensure your online safety. For example, on Adult Friend Finder they alert you to not enter your:

  • Full name
  • Email Address
  • Physical Address
  • Place of Employment
  • Phone Number

These guidelines are there to protect you against scammers. Although most sites have a greater percentage of members involved for genuine reasons, even on paid-for dating sites you can almost guarantee there are a small percentage of members there for more sinister reasons. By keeping alert you can greatly reduce your chances of being a victim to identity theft. It’s not all bad with a free dating site.

You have a great opportunity to connect with people all over the world.  Many people have found their life partners through these sites and so can you. As with mainstream dating sites, when you sign up with a free dating site you are given the opportunity to create a profile page. You can add all sorts of information about yourself (following the above safety guidelines of course!), so the more detailed you are about yourself and who and what you are looking for, the better your chances of meeting someone via a free dating site.

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